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Home Renovations With Best Return

Home Renovations With Best ReturnWhether you’re buying or selling a home, Home Renovations With Best Return is valuable information!

When purchasing a home, you might love the location and many things about it, but want to remodel an old kitchen or update other features.

In contrast, you may decide to renovate a part of your home prior to putting your house on the market to command a higher sales price.

Furthermore, you may renovate your home and not plan on moving for many years. Perhaps you love your home but want to update certain features to enjoy it more.

Home Renovations With Best Return

Let’s review two home renovations with best return at resale. The first is an interior renovation. The second is an exterior one.

Kitchen Remodel

Home Renovations With Best ReturnA kitchen remodel is either minor, major, or anywhere in between. Spend enough time and determine your budget and what kinds of changes you want to make. Moreover, you must decide if you have the skills to tackle the remodel yourself, or hire a professional.

According to bankrate.com, a minor kitchen remodel on an average-sized kitchen costs around $21,000. However, you may recoup about 81% of the cost when you sell your home – a very good return.

Consequently, a “minor” kitchen remodel may consist of leaving the cabinet boxes, but update with new wood panels and drawer fronts. Also, purchase new countertops and kitchen sink/faucet. Finally, repaint the trim and walls and consider new flooring.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Home Renovations With Best ReturnConsider strategic placement of stone veneer on the exterior of your home. The return on your investment upon selling your home is a whopping 97%, according to bankrate.com. The average cost of this renovation is about $8200, depending on the size of your project.

So, strategically placing stone veneer on the outside of your home, where plain stucco or vinyl siding used to be, is a big aesthetic improvement that enhances curb appeal in a big way.

Another Option

Perhaps you’re not currently in the position to invest in a home renovation project prior to putting your house on the market. Therefore, another, much less expensive option to sell your home for the maximum price is to use home staging techniques. Read my blog, “Do It Yourself Home Staging Tips” to learn more.

Contact me if you’re considering selling your home. We’ll discuss what you can do to get the best price for your home when it goes on the market. I’m happy to schedule a meeting to discuss all your options!

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