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Home Improvement Costs

Home Improvement CostsDo you need a major home improvement this year? Do you know home improvement costs? Use this article to get the average cost of some of the most common home improvement projects.

Popular Home Improvement Costs

Home Improvement CostsKitchen Projects

According to HomeAdvisor, the most expensive home improvement project is a complete kitchen remodel with an average project cost of $22,221.

A complete kitchen remodel means your kitchen is gutted. Moreover, you’ll have workers in your home for weeks, along with an inoperable kitchen for part of the time. Be prepared when you embark on a significant project like this.

If a complete remodel is too pricey or unnecessary, then refinishing cabinets is a much less expensive project at $2645. Refinishing older, worn cabinets gives your kitchen a fresh new look without the significant expense. Refacing cabinets, if you have the budget, is a step above refinishing, with an average cost of $6686.

Home Improvement CostsInstalling a Roof

There are various types of roofing available, with an average cost of $7330. Obviously, prices vary greatly, depending on the size of the roof, as well as other factors. Here in Florida, we deal with heat, hurricanes, and insects. Consequently, three popular roofing options in Florida are clay tiles, concrete tiles, and metal.

Home Improvement CostsInstall Sod

Although the average price of installing sod is $1815, many variables affect the final price. Additionally, there are many kinds of sod used in different parts of the country. Here in Florida, warm-season sod grasses are best since they endure heat and humidity.

St. Augustine grass is the most commonly planted sod in Florida, but there are some others, also.  Moreover, St. Augustine sod tolerates brackish water and sea spray, so it’s a great choice for Palm Coast’s beach side lawns. Finally, lay this sod in the spring or summer when the grass is actively growing.

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