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Amazing Balconies

Do you have a balcony at your house, condo, or apartment? If so, you have an incredible opportunity to get your creative juices flowing.

Amazing Balconies

I love balconies!

Why? Because a balcony is such a unique part of your home.

Consequently, a balcony encompasses a sort of surreal space. Think about it — it’s up, above the ground — floating in the air. And, unlike being on an upper floor inside your home (like your second-floor master bedroom), a balcony is outside.

Moreover, amazing balconies have several different attributes. They are covered… or out in the open air. They are long and narrow… or equally deep as they are wide. They are very large… or they encompass a small space.

Therefore, take some time to imagine the feeling you want your balcony to invoke. Will it be your sacred escape, for you only? Or, will it become a unique place for family and friends to gather for a glass of wine and conversation? Or, perhaps your master bedroom balcony is where you and your partner meet each morning to drink coffee, watch the sunrise and, most importantly, connect with each other before starting your busy day.

Amazing Balconies

Where else can you get such an amazing view — and the perfect escape — as your balcony overlooking the ocean!

Also, think about decor. When you’re on your balcony, is it an obvious outdoor space with lots of plants and patio furniture? Or, is your balcony an outdoor extension of your indoor space, with an area rug, comfortable couch, and artwork on the brick or stone walls?

Regardless, balconies allow you to create something — maybe a feeling — that you can’t create indoors.

How fortunate you are to have a balcony!


Amazing Balconies

So, let’s imagine the infinite possibilities! Take time to delve into several different themes and functions. Use a notepad to write down colors, ideas, and decor you like. Moreover, use these pics of amazing balconies, below, for inspiration.


Amazing Balconies

Lush and green for the gardener in you.

Lush and Green

Love plants? Then surround yourself with greenery, unlike what you can do indoors. A balcony filled with greenery offers you the opportunity to keep your plants outdoors, care for them, and a space to relax among them.




Amazing Balconies

If you live in Florida, immerse yourself — and your balcony — in coastal decor.



Coastal Decor

If you live in Florida, then create a beach-y feeling that’s the perfect complement to your surroundings. Go Coastal!




Amazing Balconies

The perfect escape for self-care and rejuvenation.



Secluded Retreat

Escape from the busy-ness of daily life. Read a book, meditate, or wind down with a glass of wine.






Amazing Balconies

This might become your preferred area for morning coffee and meals.



Amazing Dining Experience

Why not enjoy your meals out on the balcony? Whether coffee and a croissant in the morning, or a candlelit dinner for two, a balcony is a unique place to have your meals.







Amazing Balconies

Get-together with friends? Afternoon chit-chat with the girls? A gathering space on your balcony is a welcome escape for everyone!




Gathering and Socializing

A balcony is a wonderful living room extension. If you’re a social butterfly and often have get-together’s in your home, then you’ll love the ambiance of a balcony created for family and friends to gather and socialize.





Need Help Finding Your Perfect Balcony?

Amazing Balconies

Here’s your “blank slate.” Now, it’s YOUR turn to create!

Besides the inspiration above, read my blog article,”Easy, Breezy Beach Decor” for more Florida decorating ideas.

Furthermore, if you love balconies, let me help you find the perfect one that’s part of your perfect new home! I love Florida living, and I’m sure you will, too!

Now is the perfect time to create not only a balcony, but a Florida lifestyle.

I look forward to connecting with you…

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